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Total uprising

Let your vertigo express itself.

With its 3 suspensions, and the absence of gimbal, the machine simulates bumps, jumps, other depressions and air holes allowing you to have this feeling of falling or spontaneous elevation during the game.

*The cockpit lowers or raises 10cm. And supports a total weight of 120kg.

  See the effect in our videos, or 3D animation for more representativeness.

xtrem drift mode

traction loss


Losing control, or trying to keep it?

 If you are familiar with simulators or driving, there is no need to specify the importance of grip.

  For the others, know that in rally we want "gliding" and in F1 or other machine with wheel on bitumen, we especially don't want it!


Here is the advantage of this 4th motor placed at the rear, on which we have mounted a 7kg cast iron wheel! For the simple pleasure of sending you into the scenery at a speed of 75° per second or, on the contrary, allowing you to feel the loss of the rear and rectify your errors.

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*Drift system adjustable to the nearest degree, and tenths of a second. 150° degree max, possibility of installing a 360° system on request.

A system dynamic after-sales service.


An engine fails you, a power board burns out?

Each module can be dismantled in 5 minutes.

You can then return the element to us for its replacement very simply and do it yourself for more speed.


If an element fails before the end of your guarantee, we come to replace the element ourselves to make sure that everything runs smoothly.

*2 year parts and labor warranty. Shipping and return costs at our expense.

Customizable at will
useless. so. essential.


Make the choice of painting, laser cutting of your logos, brands or any other element, free of charge. And on all the steel and aluminum parts of the machine. Of course, 16 million color RGB LED lighting is included to match your magnificent PC Christmas tree. Or on the contrary disappear in complete darkness.

  You can of course choose the colors offered, but you can also ask us what you want.

*To date, 25 colours, 4 finishes (matte, metallic, brushed, glossy) available.


  Because it is a machine that consumes 2000W in spades, and we think about safety, you can browse through the application your consumption. 

Your game time.

  Define a time range of use if you have children for example. 

Turn it on by voice via Google Home or Amazon Alexa or via your smartphone.

The use of a simulator requires a minimum of knowledge that we will try to explain to you upon delivery.

Safety, its settings, tips for better performance or sensations will be exposed during the installation of the simulator that we will carry out.

So plan a slot of about 3 hours.


Thanks for submitting!